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Spring-Summer 2018

Incredibly Naked

The heroine of A LA RUSSE Anastasia Romantsova Spring-Summer 2018 collection captivates with her femininityand freshness. She attracts, fascinates, enchants, and lures with her beauty.
Incredibly naked, incredibly beautiful, incredibly audacious. She is a dream, she is a risk, she is a reward. Confident, inspiring, as if she has descended from a canvas in the Orsay Museum, where Varvara Rimsky-Korsakova’s portrait draws everyone’s attention.Coquettish and graceful, dignified and free, unworldly and timeless.

Her beauty is in her confidence, her being relaxed intoxicates. The silhouette is hidden under light haze of transparent fabric. The immodest beauty, shamelessly demonstrating her wonderful shape. She proudly goes out, stunning and charming.

The main theme of the collection is grapes – a sweet fruit praised in the pictures of great artists and a symbol of femininity. Over the centuries, its image appears in painting almost as often as the female silhouette. Its curves are graceful like a woman’s body. Filled with life, having concluded many berries into a single bunch, like the embrace of loved ones.Multifaceted, complex, mysterious, deep and rich, as the heroine of the collection. A juicy fruit that retains in its roots a feminine principle that gives new life.

Heroines’ attires are created in powdery colors, – gentle, enticing, graceful, and flowing.
Her image is an ode, dedicated to beauty, grace and courage of being herself.

“We have selected beautiful Natalia Davydova, a well-known blogger @tetyamotya, as the muse of the collection for her being an absolute contemporary role model,” – says Anastasia Romantsova – “Incredibly naked is not about a bare body, it’s about a game, understatement. Lightness, tenderness, glare, translucence, flying silhouette, and alluring grace – all of these create a mood of nakedness, without actually undressing.”