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Spring-summer 2017

Princess of Livadiya

The watercolor, air sisters-princess are like an animated heroines of our impressions about the royal family of Nicholas II during the summer holidays. They seem to have gone from black-and-white portraits and gave us the memories of the small and cozy Crimean palace, with vaulted ceilings, amazing interior and peaceful Black sea, beating against its walls.

Livadiya palace, a cozy, magical place of the fantastic southern coast of Crimea is soaked with the romance of the sea, beauty and warm family traditions, was the favorite summer residence of the royal family.

Lacy foamy fluttery summer dresses of translucent muslin, weightless transparent light silk like a breeze, soft blue wide pajama stripe in prints, navy sailor, sailor sweaters of chunky knits, white hats boater with corded silk ribbons is an ideal summer wardrobe for our princesses.

It is necessary to mention white summer dress uniform of Nicholas II, of amazing beauty, which is being rethought and transformed in the interpretation of A LA RUSSE and delicately introduced both as the elements, and separate unit in a women’s wardrobe.

Collection A LA RUSSE, as usual, is full of various symbols. It seems, that Swan-Princess, a highly beloved women image of the designer Anastasia Romantsova, passing from one collection to another, comes alive in prints, but the special place in collection SS 17 is taken with a symbol of the flower forget-me-not, showing both in prints and accessories, embroideries and jewelry.

Forget-me-not is the most famous flower of Princesses Maria and Anastasia Romanova, the main talisman of faith among amorous, symbol of permanent and endless love, it reminds a person about his or her origin, about relatives and loved people, everything, that is really valuable, but that is quite often forgotten by people in our daily life.

There is a belief, that these flowers of heavenly color are sowed by angels in order to remind people about the Divine. The flower was created, that we will not forget our past, our loved people and out Motherland.

Immense love to the family, native places, Livadiya palace, worm and sunny place in Crimea, where they grew, unifies sister-princesses to be always aware and supporting each other.

A LA RUSSE for the first time devotes its collection not to a certain image, but feeling. The feeling of love, childhood, friendship, warmth and family, which are the enduring values.

Livadiya Princess like symbols of such treasures, look at us from numerous portraits with pure heavenly-blue eyes and silently remind us about the most important things and instability of existence.
So beautiful and young.