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Spring-Summer 2012

A LA RUSSE Anastasia RomantsovaSpring 2012

The key idea of the collection is champagne and the unique mood
of easiness, holiday and euphoria which are created by this exquisite
liquor – the symbol of noble, aristocratic, and Imperial Russia.

The heroine of the collection is happy, lovely and light-hearted.
The image is fresh, exquisitely negligent and unforgettable.

She is lying on a green meadow and luxuriates under the sunlight with a glass of icy champagne. Roses are blooming, butterflies are flattering, and neither the past nor the future exists – just this moment of absolute harmony and happiness. After sunset she is a desired guest at all parties. A pearl rope, French veil, fling silhouette – and luxurious auto motors her to the party.All eyes are directed at her, the glitter of her eyes is tantalizingly mysterious, she shines and conquers, risks and wins, she is never-to-be forgotten.

For men she is the bouquet of an unforgettable precious drink which unfolds and besots, kindles sensuality and excites imagination, leavingflavors of summer herbs, flowers, fruit and freshness.

She is the passion that makes you live today like your last day.