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Fall-Winter 2019/20

Amur tiger

«As always this collection is very personal for me. My mother was born in Ussuriisk in the military family, this is why she spent her childhood on Amur», says Anastasia Romantsova.

«Incredible strength, power and energy – these are the words that always perfectly described the memories of my family about this wonderful region».

Amur tiger is the king of Taiga, ginseng is the root of wisdom, and shamans are intermediaries between the world of humans and the world of spirits. They have an ability to see an alternative reality, to travel through it, simultaneously managing to be present in both of these worlds.

Another universe is opening in from of us, with sacred space and time, that lives by its own special laws, different from the common everyday ones.

«In FW19/20 collection we combined 70’s and 90’s – in silhouettes, colors and mood. These are the brightest fashion decades for our unique muse. Animalistic sharp accents and touching blooming ginseng were used in embroideries and prints. Deep shining black colors, the delicate gold and vibrating red in different textures».

One of the brightest and talented bloggers and TV hosts – Masha Minogarova – became the muse of this collection.

«I sincerely admire her unique energy, talent and amazing sense of humor. She is young and bold, amazingly efficient and incredibly versatile. She energizes and tempts».

«Today the uniqueness is a rare gift worth its weight in gold, and all the tigresses have their own unique and never repeated color. It is about the muse of our new FW19/20 collection! It can not be repeated or eclipsed!».