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Fall-Winter 2018/19

Color of the East

The splash of emotions, brilliance and luxury of the East blossomed with bright colors and riot of flowers in the boldA LA RUSSE Fall-Winter 2018/19collection.

Daring color and feminine silhouette in combination of various prints and textures: from suede to flying chiffon, from cashmere to shimmering lurex – all played a new sound for the brand.

Glitter of sequins and gloss of silk in drapes complimentthefemininecurves,and for the first time in its history the brand appeals to provocative animalistic prints and such an original print “Ikat”.

A LA RUSSE dynamic collection as if repeating the mood of the 70’s – rapidly changing trends, when every stage in fashion is a revolution.Despite of all its provocative and boldness, the collection is inspired by the eternal subtle East and its close interlacing with the culture and history of Russia, its beauty and mystery.

The main theme of the collection is pomegranate -a symbol of passion, intoxicating love, abundance and richness.Its glowing bright color and juice is a personification of the entire collection, reflected in the palette, embroidery and prints. The pomegranateflower, used in accessories issurprisinglybeautiful.
“In the new collection we went on an easy adventure and for the first time simultaneouslyused so many colors”,- tells Anastasia Romantsova – “To emphasize the inextricable connection between Russia and the Eastwe used a bright, vibrant “ikat”- world-famous Uzbek print, known for its picturesqueness, uniqueness and complex technique of coloring. It completely intertwines all the main colors of the collection”.
The heroine of the look-book became brilliant Eugenia Volodina, who made a dizzying modeling career and conquered the world catwalks. Muse of the Fall-Winter 2018/19 collection has a completely unique appearance, reflecting the beauty of blood mixture, as today’s multinational Russia, and the entire post-Soviet space. Stylization of the 70’s reflects the mood and drive of that time, telling a completely new bold story about style and confidence combined with feminine silhouettes.

We moved into the era of bright women with their versatility, uniqueness, confidence and bold looks, when eclecticism becomes the main trend and the world is conquered by icons of the 70s: the legendary Verushka, showy Grace Jones and feminine Marisa Berenson – they once again inspire for revolution in thebeauty standards.

A new, vibrant, active multicultural world has already become a part of reality, which A LA RUSSE has drawn in Fall-Winter 2018/19 collection.