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Pre Fall 2015/16

Precious Box A LA RUSSE

The heroine of Pre-Fall 2015 A LA RUSSE Anastasia Romantsova is a mythical Mistress of Cooper Mountain, beautiful and powerful woman who has a lot of riches – precious stones.

She is the embodiment of high aesthetics, elegance, fatal beauty and classic noir. Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies – it is not more than an extension of herself, because she is the crown of collection, its primal treasure.

The main idea of the pre-collection is combination of imperial luxury with artistic asceticism, a reference to George Balanchine’s masterpiece “Jewels”, which glorifies the beauty of women, shown by glitter of precious stones and perfect ballet technique.

Electric prints, focused on themes of abstraction and constructivism, crystal shapes, geometric patterns, rich colors and ornaments. Flexible panthers, antique silhouettes and bronzed nude bodies symbolize union of two different forces, male and female beginning. Lizard recalls the second image of the Mistress, snake – the Great Runner – gold treasurer, and Fern – the eternal, inaccessible and beautiful blossoming flower.

Her wardrobe is minimalism that emphasizes her figure, mature femininity and sexuality, there are straight dresses and skirts, three-piece suites, double-breasted jackets. Image is completed with catchy details: decorative translucent pockets, full of shimmering precious stones, military accessories, horizontal or vertical stripes.

The collection has dominating simple, strict silhouettes and rich jewelry colors – black, gold, dark cherry, dark green and velvet cornflower-blue.