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Fall-winter 2015/16


The main theme of Fall 2015 collection by A LA RUSSE Anastasia Romantsova became a Nameless Star, mysterious, fragile and romantic. The guest from a magic word, she is lost in new galaxies and spends the night in an unknown place. When the morning comes, she disappears again, turning into interstellar dust. No matter what brings the next day – nothing can keep her, because «no one star veers off its course». A moment ago, she still heard the click of glasses, laughing men in expensive suits, unpretentious music, and now she is standing in the middle of a cold attic and the window shows her the shimmering night sky that is far but so close at the same time.

Dressed in silk and marabou feathers, delicate, thin – she is a Dream Girl, full of recklessness and touching madness, she is looking for a home, palace, love, and destiny. She is made of watercolor, pearl, aromas of vanilla, orchid petals, cosmic sand and champagne.

She wears over lace weightless dress a rough sweater or fur coat and warms frozen fingers with a cup of hot milk. Every detail tells about her defenselessness and fatal predestination- this tragic and perfect image comes to someone’s life and then disappears.

The collection shows the space inconsistency: sizzling Sun and pale Moon, darkness and light, wandering stars and the absolute silence. Refinement and ethereal nature of our heroine is emphasized by futuristic prints, among which there is a cold light and enchanting shining of constellations, the Milky Way and the Big Dipper, the darkness, and the center is a thoughtful girl with a cat on the roof. The palette repeats colors of the universe that sparkles with a lot of stars, galaxies and bright sunlight that shimmers from pure gray to a melt rose and white, from cold gold to warm silver. Fluffy white hoodies and fur coats with symbolic prints, hand – embroidered lining with scattered stars – they were created in collaboration with the Italian brand Braschi. Also the line of accessories has silk scarves with massive precious stones and felt sandals with fur.