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Spring-Summer 2015

Dreaming in the Birches

Lookbook Spring-Summer 2015 A LA RUSSE Anastasia Romantsova carries the spirit of a mysterious wood, where warm rays of the sun spread through the dense foliage. They waken up high birches which are rustling and talking, ringing with the earrings in the wind, and suddenly they turn up into graceful women.

Wearing silver diadems and translucent clothes, hiding hands in the folds of bouffant skirts, they look like and do not like each other at the same time. Like clouds in the flawlessly blue sky, our heroines swim through the woods, taking its natural strength and admiring it. White dresses covered with leaves, framed with organza’s waves, back embroidered with dew drops, slim figures covered by silks – these women make a magnetizing round dance, shedding light and tenderness.

“In a new collection we redefine the beauty of Russian favorite tree, that can endlessly inspire, – says the brand creator Anastasia Romantsova, – a heroine of our fairy tale was chosen a Woman-Birch, whose very nature hides a mystery that we try to read through the clothing. We play with black and white print, repeat leaf shape in accessories, sleeves and vents, a transparent organza reminds us of the birch sap, and the straight lines – a trunk of the tree”.

Birch-Woman, awakened from a deep sleep in a magical forest, rediscovers the world, falls in love with him and conquers it. Like from the paintings by Levitan and Kuindzhi, she represents the pristine beauty of unspoiled nature. Elegant dresses, pajamas, suits with slim-cut silhouettes – next year A LA RUSSE woman will charm and excite again, and the image will be completed by sunglasses Birch Glasses, created in collaboration with an Italian fashion brand Spectre Sunglasses.