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Designer of A LA RUSSE

Anastasia Romantsova is an inspirer of A LA RUSSE brand.

Anastasia appeals to Russian culture, which absorbed European and Asian influences, but kept its own identity.

The main idea, which Anastasia wants to tell through the brand, is to revive Russian technologies of handicraft with an accent to noble exquisite cut in all pieces (whether it is casual wear or a dress for a black-tie dinner).

However, all A LA RUSSE Anastasia Romantsova models do not look like vintage or antique wear. A LA RUSSE clothes was made for modern citizen who has his own view on quality, comfort and beauty. The secrets of the masters of the past are delicately combined with a timeless classic cut lines, contemporary forms and motifs. This complicated synthesis of tradition and modernity allows to create not only clothes but the whole images — graceful, elegant and at the same time filled with joy of being.

Anastasia Romantsova revives an image of a cozy and carefree manor living with a wonderful family dinners, romantic walks in the parks, literary and musical evenings, bouts-rimés, relaxed talks about travel.