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Spring-Summer 2011

A LA RUSSE Anastasia Romantsova Spring 2011

A key source of inspiration for the elegant and mysterious image of the heroine has been the picture of Mikhail Vrubel «Swan Princess». In the daytime Swan Princess throws of the mystical plumage, she is modest and self-sufficient: the air blouses with ruffle and godet skirts emphasize her intellectual nature. In the evening, under night cover the magical fairytale image is emphasized withevening toilets and with bright silk sliding on her slender and magnificent figure. She is a welcome guest at every party: mysteriously appearing and suddenly disappearing.

The heroine of the collection A LA RUSSE Anastasia Romantsova
spring 2011 is noticeable but unattainable – cold and piercing image
makes her inaccessible to others.

As a basis the silhouette of the Swan Princess has been chosen – exquisitely accented slender waist, long legs and sharp shoulder line. The compositions of light blowing fabrics: bell-shaped skirts, silk blouses, godet-skirts are of the softest shades, summer dresses and suits with the ruffle of chiffon and silk, the evening dresses decorated with feathers. The refeed aristocracy as the main element of collection is reflected in the color, topped with the shades of stone, water, grass and sun – the clothes resemble impressionist
paintings giving the summertime lyrical mood of the sunny fields
and meadows. To complete the poetic image of a thin and fragile
heroine of the new collection A LA RUSSE Anastasia Romantsova
spring 2011 classic pumps of delicate colors are used. They are supposed to emphasize the feminityand sophistication of the whole image.